The Rock Hard Challenge is an amazing way to kick your New Year’s gym resolutions to the next level. At a time when people start dropping off and taking trips to fast food restaurants more frequently than the gym, you’ll be pushing harder week after week, completely focused, and seeing the results you want.

The best part about Rock Hard Challenge is that if you follow it closely enough, you’re going to hit the summer looking and feeling your best. Now tell me, is two months of hard work worth the extra attention and kudos you’ll be getting during pool season when you’re showing off your new physique?

The best way to tackle this challenge is to hold yourself accountable, and have friends and family hold you accountable as well. Tell your friends and family what you’re doing, post updates on social networks of your progress and routine, and enjoy the experience of working hard to get what you want. It’ll be much harder to slip on your diet or training when you know that people are counting on you and cheering you on as you accomplish your goals.

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