Turns out getting hit with a guitar can really hurt. Who knew?

WWE superstar Finn Bálor found this out himself while taking on Elias Samson on Raw this week. Samson often brings his guitar to the ring to sing songs to his opponents, but this time he got so fed up with Bálor that he slammed the guitar right on Bálor’s head, which led to a loss by disqualification.

As you can see for yourself at the 1:25 mark, the attack left two huge gashes on the side of Bálor’s head. Bálor himself provided a photo on Twitter that shows the extent of his injuries:

It’s clear that Bálor’s feud with Samson is far from over, and we fully expect the two to confront each other yet again on next week’s Raw. Let’s just hope for Bálor’s sake that guitars are banned from ringside this time.