Grab a Goldendoodle and run, don’t walk, to the closest public space, because a study from Taylor & Francis published in Anthrozoös found men who have pets appear sexier to women.

The study was conducted in collaboration with PetSmart and the online dating service Seem like an unlikely pair? It won’t after you read the results. Researchers recruited 1,210 single pet owners through, 60 percent of which were women and 40 percent men. Of this pool of volunteers, 72 percent were dog owners and 42 percent had a feline friend (participants were allowed to select more than one.)

The subscribers were asked to take a 21-question online survey about how pets entered into their dating lives. They were asked, for example, if they would ever bring their pet on a first date, whether they would judge their date based on how their pet(s) reacted to them, and if they thought a relationship could work with a “cat person?” But let’s get to what you really want to know. In all, 35 percent of women and 26 percent of men said they had been more attracted to someone because they owned a pet.

And, we weren’t kidding about getting a Goldendoodle. Dogs beat out cats, five to one (500:100), when participants were asked what’s the sexiest pet a guy could own. Pick out a puppy to pick up girls—it’s really that easy.

Besides, how many moviestars—and friends of yours—have you seen use a puppy to lure in a girl? Countless. Well, they’re reeling in women and now have science backing their exploitative tactics up. (Don’t worry. We don’t think your dog will mind.)

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