If recent bar exploits with your go-to wingman have repeatedly fallen flat, it’s time to consider a new approach: bringing along a wingwoman. After all, who would know “the fairer sex” better than your female friends? OK, so the devil’s advocate in you might be thinking, “Wouldn’t other girls think we’re a couple and thus scare away potentials?” Quite the contrary, says professional wingwoman Jennifer of wingwomen.com. Girls tend to be more relaxed and open to conversation with a guy when they see him hanging out with another women, Jennifer says. “It’s as if you’ve already gotten that seal of approval.”

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Here are some of Jennifer’s pointers on how your wingwoman can help lend air support:

  • People are attracted to fun, so you and your wingwoman should always have a good time—or at least look like you are!
  • Don’t stand or sit too close together. And keep the physical contact to a minimum. That way, most girls will realize you’re just platonic friends.
  • Utilize your wingwoman’s instincts when it comes to separating the catches from the clinger-types. “Women can tell if another girl is interested, just by their mannerisms or body language,” Jennifer says.
  • Have your wingwoman talk you up while you’re away ordering a round. If you and your prospect hit it off, your wingwoman can excuse herself…then go scout some other possibilities.