Always Make the First Move
Don’t just ogle; approach her! “African American and Latino men are very comfortable going straight over to you. That’s why I was surprised when I met my husband—he’s white, from L.A., and the first time I saw him, he came over to me and said, ‘I just want to introduce myself.'”

Maintain Eye Contact
To win a woman, give her your best double take. “Make it clear with your eyes that you’re interested, especially if you’re dealing with someone mature. If you’re dealing with a girl, they’ll like that constant attention.”

Master the Friend Zone
The key to Sanchez’s hottest relationship is friendship. “When I was younger, I wouldn’t become friends with a guy until after we were already at it. But now I realize how much more valuable it is if you actually know the person before you decide to take things further.”

Never Shout
Save your yelling for sports. “I have a big problem with somebody raising their voice to me. I don’t tolerate it when you change your tone. It intimidates me. I can’t do it!”

Earn It
“When a woman is too easy, men lose interest really fast. Be prepared to work hard to get to know her. But don’t be surprised if you take things too far and she quips, ‘You know what, just take it easy.'”

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