Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham, Jared Leto, and Leonardo DiCaprio have one thing in common. Well, actually, they have a lot in common like incredible genes, tons of money, and millions of women pining after them. BUT for the sakes of this story, we’re focusing on their hair. At some point, they’ve all donned the “man bun.”

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But how about the average man? Women are quite vocal about their adoration for celebrity man buns, but is it something they look for in a guy they’d date?

We took to the polls and asked 100 women. Here’s the breakdown:

“I only go after guys with man buns.” – 5
“Sure, why not.” – 21
“Maybe, but it’s not something I look for.” – 43
“Absolutely not.” – 31

As we read through the comments to pick our favorite quotes, we saw at lease one common theme. Whether they were pro-bun or all about the clean-cut look, they had something to say about hair ties. 

“I can’t really explain the sex appeal of a man bun. Maybe it’s the convenience factor of being able to share hair ties with your boyfriend. Either way, I love them.” -Victoria C.
“Love the hair to pull, hate the fact you’d take my hair ties. I have a hard enough time keeping track of them as it is. “ – Mary C.
“Between rent and socializing I can barely afford hair ties nowadays. I’m definitely not willing to share the few I have.” – Julia C.

And now for the top quotes of the week…

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“I’ve seen on TV guys that look hot with the man bun but so often guys in real life just look greasy and dirty. Guys, if you rock the man bun, you still have to shower and wash your hair regularly! – Grace Z.

“It makes them look more rugged, like a real man.” – Allison K

“My now husband has had a man bun since we met five years ago. We’re both unsure if it would have worked out had he ever cut it off.” – Sara L.

 “It’s different and sexy!” – Laura F.

“Going for a man with a man bun would be out of the box for me, but I appreciate the look and can find it sexy when done in a masculine way.” – Amy M.

“Buns look good…in boxer briefs.” – Alicia F.

“The man bun is the highest height of confidence in masculinity and that is hot!!” – Tomi T.

“It just depends on the guy. If it fits his style then it looks good. But if it is forced or feels too “done up” then I’m not into it. A guy shouldn’t have a more involved hair style than me.” – Michelle C.

“Buns are meant for lazy ladies with a bad hair day. Don’t take that away from us fellas.” – Vanessa P

“Only 1% of males who rock the man bun, REALLY rock the man bun. And that 1% makes me all sorts of crazy.” -Dani N