If your girlfriend is a secret cyber-sleuth—snooping on your text messages and emails, hacking into your social media accounts—is that a deal breaker? Some (most) of you may take it as a major display of mistrust and insecurity, while some (few) may find her jealousy endearing. Regardless of your opinions on the issue, we dug around and asked 100 women if they’re guilty of privacy invasion, or put off by the idea of prying. 

Interestingly enough, the figures were literally split 50/50. Half of women have never secretly read a boyfriend or husband’s texts/emails, while the other confessed to sneaking a peek. You’ll find their reasoning fascinating—we did. Here’s something to think about the next time you leave your phone in your room while you shower…

But hey, odds are, there’s a only a 50 percent chance she’ll do it. Here are some of our favorite responses:

What to do if you think your girlfriend is reading your texts

What to do if you think your girlfriend is reading...

What to do if you think your girlfriend is breaching your

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“Nope. And I’d dump a guy on the spot if he ever did that to me.” – Liz Y.

“If I can’t trust him, I shouldn’t be with him. If he wanted to be with me, then nothing in either text or email would be something I couldn’t see.” – Kathy N.

“I once looked through his FB (PM and everything. Terrible, I know!) when he left it open on my computer. I actually wound up telling him that I did that later on in the day because I felt guilty. I never did it again. He was surprisingly OK with it. I think now he just leaves his email and FB open all the time to tease/entice me. Bastard.” – Jessica S.

“Of course, I’m not above glancing at his phone screen over his shoulder, if he’s open enough to reveal such a thing. But I’m not completely sure that I want a relationship in which I know all of the details. Everyone has a past, and everyone has secrets. Now, that’s not to say I haven’t Googled the SH*T out of someone.” – Jenny E.

“Once, but only to see who he texts the most to plan something.” – Maria M.

“While I never look through his phone without permission, I have a sixth sense for whenever there is something he wouldn’t want me to see and then I ask about it.“ – Rosa P. 

“No, but someone did that to me once and decided when I said “lovve u” to a guy friend I actually meant I was in love with him. (Fun fact: I wasn’t.) We were able to work it out, though.” – Hally B. 

“Hell no, ignorance is bliss.” – Lucy P.

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“I have but I regretted it immediately. Ignore IS bliss…” – Kate C.

“Yes! Not because I don’t trust him but because I’m nosy. I even ready my mom’s emails.” – Alice B.

“Yes I’ve read his texts before and I’ve checked to see if there are FB messages. Not emails though. Sometimes I pretend like I”m playing around on his iPad but I’m really reading texts.” – Jocelyn T. 

“Yes. I may or may not still do this…(lol? or creepy?)” -Nyasha E.

“No. Never. First, because I feel like that’s a massive invasion of privacy. Second, because I wouldn’t want him to secretly check MY phone or emails.” – Laura A.

“I have a husband and no, I haven’t checked on his texts. He is really boring and I know where he is, or rather where his phone is at all times, so it isn’t necessary.” – Laura G. 

“No but if I had the chance I definitely would…hey you never know!” – Jackie P.