MF: You recently won a beauty pageant on The Howard Stern Show. Congratulations!

CL: Thanks. I didn’t know there was going to be a pageant. I thought I was going to go on the show and make myself orgasm, but it turned out to be a contest. I was really nervous because sometimes Howard can be very critical, but he was very sweet and complimentary.

MF: Coming from Puerto Rico, are you influenced in the bedroom by your Latin blood?

CL: Well, the guys really like that I can move my hips well. A lot of girls, when they’re on top, just sit there, and the guy has to do all the work. Also, since Spanish is my first language, I speak it to the guys and they love it. I can’t help it. It just comes out!

MF: What was it like shooting your first scene in an adult film?

CL: It was definitely weird. [Laughs] The director was a girl who was younger than me, and she was telling me how to masturbate.

MF: In your latest movie, you get dominated. Did you like that?

CL: It was a hard shoot. I was pretty uncomfortable being submissive because I’m not really like that. But then I realized that the character I play only goes along with it to get what she wants, which I thought was quite cool. [Laughs]