MF: What was your first foray into the porn industry?
I started with girl/girl films, then moved on to getting tied up and whipped. It was fun, and a good way to experiment with my own sexuality.

MF: Your new film, Chemistry, is part of a new genre of "reality" porn, in which scenes aren’t scripted and you do what you want. Was it fun to make?
Definitely. Porn should be more about reality than fantasy. The industry is growing and becoming more mainstream. I think it’s making people more comfortable with their sexuality. A movie like Chemistry is just people having a good time.

MF: How about your personal life? Does working in porn have an effect on your relationships?
Without question. I go through phases where I get really super interested in certain things. Like I’ll be really into getting slapped around. Then I’ll just want to do really vanilla stuff, or I’ll want to have sex in the shower all the time, or I’ll get interested in something really kinky.

MF: Last question: You look amazing on film. Do you do anything specific to keep in shape?
If you have sex regularly and with a lot of enthusiasm, it’s pretty easy to stay in decent shape. Reverse cowgirl position is really good for your legs. [Laughs]