MF: You were a model before you did porn. What was it like filming your first sex scene?

SM: I loved it. The guy I was working with kept asking me if I was nervous. I was like, “No!” Everyone was babying me, but I wanted him to throw me around or something.

MF: Do you have a trick of the trade?

SM: I think the thing that makes me unique is definitely the look in my eyes that I give the guys.

MF: What happens if you’re paired up with a guy you’re not totally into?

SM: It’s not an issue-I love sex! All my guy friends are like, “You’re a guy in a girl’s body! Men are pure objects to you!” And I’m like, “Yeah, so?”

MF: Ever feel pressure to look into plastic surgery like many girls in the business?

SM: I’d never do it, but if that’s what makes you happy, then do it. At the same time, the girls that get so much done, I want to tell them: “Don’t act like you’re the shit now, bitch. That’s all fake!”

MF: What do you have coming up next?

SM: I just finished Debbie Does Dallas Again, and I’m in talks about getting my own show.

MF: How does your boyfriend feel about that?

SM: I’m single – I love dating. I’ll be totally crazy about somebody, then I’ll see somebody else and be like, “Whoa.” Let’s just say I don’t feel the need to settle down anytime soon. [Laughs]