For four years she steamed up flat-screens as Catalina, the sexy hotel maid/stripper on My Name Is Earl, but Nadine Velazquez says she hated being thought of as sexy. Lucky for us, she learned to embrace her sultry side. Soon it’ll be on display again in All’s Faire in Love, a romantic comedy that takes place at a Renaissance fair. “Everyone has these elaborate costumes; mine is very revealing—and I have fun with that,” says Velazquez, who plays an uninhibited witch. “When I’m casting spells, I use my whole body to do it. I’m a naughty witch!”

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Nadine’s Rules:

Take Responsibility
“Whatever’s missing in your relationship, including a marriage, is what you’re not bringing to it.”

Be a Straight Shooter
“Things aren’t always clear at the beginning of a relationship. Be up-front. Don’t play on her confusion or vulnerability. Women want and appreciate clarity.”

See Someone You Like? Move!
“Always make the attempt! Compliment er or her outfit to let her know you’re aware. Be direct and honest about it. But don’t invade her space.”

Woo Her
“It’s true—women want the fantasy. So give them romance—but without the desperation, wondering, and waiting you see in the movies.”

Know What It Takes
“My husband has the basic virtues every man—prince or janitor—needs to keep a woman interested: He’s honest, responsible, involves me in his decisions, is a great communicator, a leader, and will make an excellent father one day.”