The mile-high question: So how does one actually go about having sex in an airplane bathroom? 

The bigger the plane, the easier this is all going to be to pull off—so plan ahead and save this tryst for a cross-country or transatlantic flight. And it’s a lot easier for two people to slip into the tiny lavatory when the lights are dim—so do it on a red-eye. (And if someone sees you going in at the same time, you can always say one of you is sick.)

The best position is probably having your girlfriend sit on the sink while you stand. Of course, if the sink isn’t pelvic height for you, then she can lean over the sink while you come from behind, or you can try lifting her up. Whatever you do, I’d use the sink for leverage over the toilet. Even the thrill of joining the mile-high club can’t make up for the piss mixture soaking the floor around an airplane commode. 

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