Are you a narcissist? You can find out by asking yourself one simple question. But odds are that you’re more self-centered than your wife, girlfriend, or female coworker, per new research out of the University of Buffalo.

Researchers combed through 31 years worth of data on almost half a million participants and found that in general, men are more narcissistic than their female counterparts—no matter what their age. But that’s not all. Amongst the traits of narcissists that the study investigated (leadership/authority, grandiose/exhibitionism, and entitlement), the widest gender gap is in the latter (“I deserve that new watch”). The second biggest difference was in authority—guys are more likely to crave power and be assertive, say researchers. It’s suspected that cultural stereotypes play a role (women may feel pressure to act without aggression, whereas guys are expected to be a bit more authoritative in society.)

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The one area where we have common ground: Exhibitionism. Ladies and gents are equally likely to display vanity.

But you may want to reel in your self-love just a bit. Though there are some positive qualities associated with narcissism, like leadership and higher self-esteem, other research shows that narcissism, in extreme forms, can be deadly. At the least, too much vanity can damage your relationships. Consider doing something for others to even out the score. You can sign up for Boot Campaign’s 4th annual Pushups for Charity event here. Or, simply pick up a pair of these awesome sunglasses and help restore someone’s vision.

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