What happens when you get SKYN Condoms and AMP agency (a digital marketing and advertising agency) together? The mother of all sex surveys, that’s what. The two analyzed the responses of 5,117 men and women aged 18 to 34 from across all 51 states to identify the sexual behaviors, attitudes and perceptions of millennials in the United States. Take a look at the most surprising stats below. See how you stack up, size up, and match up to their figures on one night stands, average penis size, masturbation, and more.


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Singles have less sex

Think married life marks the end of your sex life? Think again. According to the survey, for most men and women, relationships are the catalyst to consistent sexual activity: 42 percent of married people have sex several times per week, compared to 40 percent of people in committed relationships, 37 percent of people who are engaged, and 20 percent of singles.

Getting busy

About 70 percent of millennials have sex at least once a week, and 36 percent get between the sheets up to several times a week. But, it turns out, sex becomes more frequent with age: 55 percent of 30-34 year olds get it on multiple times a week.

Like a virgin

If you thought you were late to the game in regards to losing your virginity, check out these surprising stats: 76 percent of millennials lost their virginity by age 18, 45 percent were between the ages of 16-18, and 31 percent of millennials lost their virginity by the age of 15.

Partner up

Turns out condom users have fewer sexual partners than non-users (a bit alarming if you ask us). Sixty-one percent of condom users report having five partners or less compared to 48 percent of non-users. What’s more, only 14 percent of condom users report having 15 partners or more compared to 22 percent of non-users.

The “one”

Twenty-five percent of married respondents have only been with one sexual partner.

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Ever have one of those nights? Well, if you’re a millennial, then odds are good that you fall into the 61 percent who’ve had a one night stand. 31 percent have had one or two one night stands, and 16 percent have had three to five one night stands. And if you’re a man, then the odds are really good. Seventy percent of males report having had a one night stand, compared to 53 percent of females.

Size up

You’re obviously curious (and yes, a bit concerned) about how you size up when it comes to the average penis size. Well, according to the survey, the average penis is estimated to be six to seven inches when fully aroused.

Wrapping it up

The older you get, the less you bother with condoms. Fifty-nine percent of 18 to 24 year olds use condoms compared to 44 percent of 30 to 34 year olds.

Lube—a do?

While you’re less likely to use a condom as you age, apparently you’re (slightly) more likely to use lube: 44 percent of young adults in their twenties use lube, compared to 47 recent of people in their mid thirties.

Shake things up

The majority of people (68 percent) don’t use vibrating devices during sex. However, 38 percent wear lingerie and 28 percent bring massage oils into their sexual routine.


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Show of hands

You may think 100 percent of millennials masturbate, but the stats show just 88 percent of men and women pleasure themselves.

Masturbation in men

Ninety-four percent of men masturbate—35 percent do so daily, and 60 percent do it several times a week. 

Masturbation in women

Eighty-three percent of women masturbate—12 percent do so every day, and 31 percent do it several times per week.

Porn for two

Feel like your wildest pornographic dreams never come to fruition? That’s what the survey found: only 26 percent of millennials incorporate pornography into their sexual routine.

Top dog

For men, doggy style is the preferred sex position, followed closely by missionary and cowgirl. For women, it’s flipped. Missionary is the favorite position among women, followed by doggy style, and cowgirl.

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Perfect man

We all have different tastes, preferences, and standards, but for the majority of women, confidence is the number one sought out attribute (75 percent), followed by playfulness (71 percent), humor (66 percent), spontaneity (58 percent), muscles (39 percent), and a big penis (27 percent).

Perfect woman

As for the perfect woman, men look for attractiveness (75 percent), confidence (71 percent), playfulness (69 percent), humor (66 percent), and sexual spontaneity (58 percent). Oh, and they also prefer big boobs (46 percent) and butts (44 percent).

Adventure time

The majority of millennials aren’t dabbling in experimental sex. Eighty-nine percent of men and women report engaging in vaginal sex every time, or most of the time. Meanwhile, millennials in multiple relationships are the most sexually adventurous, reporting having sex with multiple partners (24 percent), and engaging in BDSM more than any other relationship segment (36 percent).

Most arousing body part

According to female millennials, their nipples (34 percent), neck (28 percent), butt (15 percent), back (6 percent), and stomach (4 percent) are the most sexually arousing parts of their body. As for the men, interestingly enough, they said their neck (19 percent), butt (19 percent), nipples (12 percent), stomach (11 percent), and legs (8 percent) are most arousing.

Outside the box

Forget the bedroom, millennials are far more adventurous.  

– 78 percent have had sex in the living room
– 64 percent in the car
– 49 percent in the kitchen
– 25 percent in the laundry room
– 22 percent have had sex in public
– 74 percent in the shower or bath tub
– 39 percent in a hot tub or pool
– 23 percent at the beach

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Birthday sex

Aside from birthdays (which 79 percent of millennials have had sex on), do you know what days are marked with the most sex? Pencil these dates in. According to the survey, it’s Valentine’s Day (73 percent), your wedding day (70 percent), and subsequently your anniversary (67 percent), vacation (63 percent), and New Year’s (58 percent).

Sex vs Internet

Get this: 63 percent of millennials say they’d give up sex for the Internet for an entire year. One. Whole. Year.

Sweet dreams

Women would most like to have sex with Adam Levine, followed by Chris Hemsworth, and Ryan Gosling; while men fantasize most about Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and Emma Watson.

Texts and sexts

FIfty-seven percent of millennials have sexted; 11 percent do so several times a week, and 7 percent sext daily. When it comes to sexting, 49 percent have sent naked pictures, but only 25 percent use Snapchat.

Too quick(ie)

For 35 percent of millennials, sex typically lasts for 15 to 30 minutes; 23 percent last for 5 to 15 minutes, and 21 percent last between 30 to 45 minutes.