A whopping 30 states share the same most-searched term on Pornhub, According to a new analysis conducted by Voactiv (link is SFW) in partnership with the highly-trafficked smut site.

The results, which were pulled from state-by-state searches through January 2016, found “lesbian” to be the most frequently sought-after video genre. 

Additionally, among the ten states that drive the most traffic to Pornhub, “lesbian” was the leading search term in all but two.

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The results also showed that California accounted for the the largest population of searches nationwide, racking up 187,000 searches for “lesbian” porn in January. 

Other popular search terms proved rather incestuous, as “step mom” and “step sister” tied for second place. Interestingly, “MILF” was the most frequently searched term in only one state—Rhode Island. (Sorry, MILFs.)

Coming in third place for the most sought-after video was “cartoon.” 

As for the rest of the results, you’ll find terms such as “Asian,” “ebony,” and “black.”

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