Lucky you, you’re Googling sex positions for well-endowed men! But as you probably know by now, a big penis isn’t always a blessing. At times, it can feel like you have to choose between that deep penetration you crave and not causing her pain. Plus, there are some positions that simply aren’t possible if you’re too well-endowed. But there are still plenty of ways to ensure that both of you have an amazing time. Here are 10 positions for big guys. 

Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in all things sex. 

X Marks The Spot

Let’s kick this off with one of the simplest options. A lot of well-endowed men find that Missionary can be too deep, and the angle can be too uncomfortable. If you’re a fan of Missionary, try this easy trick: staying inside of her, rotate your body away from hers. If you were to have a bird’s eye view of the two of you, your bodies would be forming an “X”. Changing the angle in this way pulls you out a bit and makes it more comfortable for her, but you can still maintain some of the closeness and ease of Missionary.

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Side By Side

Lie on your sides, facing each other. Have her lift her top leg while you enter her. Once you’re in, she can lower the leg and rest her ankle on top of yours. This is a great alternative to Missionary, since it allows for plenty of eye contact and kissing. You can angle your body so that the base of your shaft rubs against her clitoris, giving her some of that oh-so-important clitoral stimulation. 

Side By Side Wraparound

Here’s an easy variation: have her lift her top leg into the air and wrap it around your waist. This gives her a bit of control over the depth of penetration, since she can squeeze her leg to pull you deeper.

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X Marks The Spot II

Have her lie flat on her back. Start off in Missionary, then sit up. You’ll be resting on your knees, with your butt on your ankles. Have her lift her legs into the air, cross them, then rest one ankle on each of your shoulders (so her legs form an “X”). This will create a nice tight fit for you, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out by not going all the way in. It also gives her a bit of control to push back against you with her legs if you’re causing any pain. 

Leaning Cowgirl

Cowgirl is another position that’s usually off-limits for big guys since the penetration is just too deep, but this variation can be much more manageable. Lie on your back and have her get on top. She’s in control, so she can go as slowly or as shallowly as she needs. Once you’re in, she should put her hands behind her body and lean back. Then she can move her legs so she’s flat on her feet. She’ll be in a crabwalk position. Leaning back ensures that you don’t go too deep, and she gets to be in control of the pace and depth. You get an incredibly erotic view of her whole body.

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Backbend Cowgirl

This one requires some flexibility on her part! Lie on your back, and have her straddle you on her knees, facing your feet. She should place her hands behind her body, and slowly start to bend backwards. Eventually, she should release her hands and lay with her back on top of your stomach. She lifts her pelvis up and down and grinds against you. This is a great position to take a bit of a breather in. 

Standing Face To Face

Standing sex can be really tricky to pull off. With average-sized guys, there’s a high risk of slippage. That makes standing sex great for well-endowed guys; you can use your length to your advantage to stay inside of her. In this position, the two of you face each other. Place one of her thighs in the crook of your elbow and hold it up. Wrap the other arm around her waist for leverage. 

Standing From Behind

This time, have her turn around and bend over slightly, placing her hands against a wall. Enter her from behind, like you would in Doggystyle. Doggystyle is usually off-limits for well-endowed men, as it tends to be one of the most painful positions for the partner. In this position, you’ll get the same intensity and animalism of Doggystyle, but you won’t be able to penetrate her as deeply. 

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Twisted Missionary

Have her lay on one side, with her legs slightly spread apart. Straddle her bottom leg and pull her top leg up a bit to enter her. You’ll be in just about the same position you’d be in Missionary. The twisting of her legs will keep you from getting in too far. 


This is another side by side position, but this time you’re facing the same direction. Again, it’s easiest to penetrate her when she has her top leg lifted into the air. Your bodies will be pressed up against each other, so it will feel like a nice tight fit.