Shy guys of the world, rejoice! We’ve got a whole list of sex positions that will make you feel at ease but still sexy. What, exactly, makes a particular sex position good for a shy guy? Number one is probably ease of use. You don’t want anything too complicated or difficult to get into. After all, if you’re feeling bashful in the moment, you don’t want to have to spend a ton of time sorting out which limb is supposed to go where. You also don’t want to have to worry about contorting your body into crazy angles and risking the possibility of repeatedly slipping out. These positions are also relatively tame—nothing too wild. Here are the top ten low-key sex positions for shy guys.

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Coital Alignment Technique

For a simple twist on Missionary, try sliding your body up closer to her head. Slow down your pace and focus on grinding against her instead of thrusting in and out. Try grinding back and forth or doing slow circles. You’ll give her clit much more stimulation this way. It’s also a good position for giving yourself a breather if you’re getting too close to orgasm. 

Missionary Split

While in Missionary, wrap your right elbow under her right knee, and pull her leg gently towards her head. You don’t have to move her leg too far to create a nice, new sensation. Plus this position opens her labia up so her clitoris is more accessible.

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From Missionary, sit up so you’re resting on your knees. Pull her pelvis along with you. She’ll be in a low bridge position, with her feet flat on the bed and her hips in the air. Hold onto her hips for a bit of extra leverage. This position is really easy to maneuver into from Missionary, but the angle is completely different. 

One Leg Up

Another option from Missionary is to sit up and pull one of her legs up in the air. You’ll be sitting up on your knees, with your butt resting on your ankles. Rest her ankle on your shoulder. Or tell her, “bring your leg up here.” Like Missionary Split, this position opens up her clitoris for more stimulation. You can also get in nice and deep.

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Side Missionary

Have her lay on her side. Gently pull her legs apart so they’re slightly scissored. Penetrate her as if you were in regular Missionary. This position is great because it’s pretty uncommon, but it’s not at all intimidating. It’s perfect for slow, intimate sex. 

Laying Doggy

Who says shy has to be boring? From Side Missionary, push on her top hip to rotate her body around so she’s laying on her stomach. Make sure her legs are on the outside of both of yours. If you slip out while making the transition, have her lift her butt up in the air a few inches to make penetration easier. This is an awesome position to move into if you need a break from eye contact or a moment to yourself. You can move nice and slow, and your penis will naturally glide against her G-spot. You’re in essentially the same position as Missionary, so the movement should feel natural to you.


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Over The Edge

Have her sit down on the edge of the bed, with her legs hanging over the side and her feet flat on the ground (if they reach). Depending on the height of the bed, you can either stand or kneel in between her legs. This is a super easy position to get into, but it’s still uncommon enough to prevent sex from feeling boring. 


Sometimes it’s nice to let the lady take control for a change! Lay on your back and ask her to straddle you, facing your head. If she’s shy too, put your hands on her hips and slowly guide them towards and away from your head. If she’s excited about being the boss, try to keep your body relatively still. You don’t want to throw off her rhythm by moving at your own rhythm!

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Cowgirl Embrace

While she’s on top, reach your arms up and wrap them around her waist. Tell her, “come down here,” and pull her down to your chest. She’ll still be on her knees, but she’ll be propped up on her elbows and her chest will be pressed against yours. This is a great move for when you need a moment to take a breather, or you want to slow her down without embarrassing her. 

Extended Cowgirl

From Cowgirl Embrace, you can tell her to stretch her legs out so she’s almost flat. Her legs should be on the outsides of yours. She can rock back and forth against you slowly. There won’t be much in and out motion, so this is perfect for those moments when you’re getting too close. Or you can tell her, “hold still for a minute”, and tilt your pelvis up and down to thrust in and out of her.