This will sound obnoxiously PG-13, but it’s true: Kissing is the biggest bedroom deal breaker.

“It’s one of the most sensual and erotic things you can do,” says sex therapist Tammy Nelson. “Kiss someone for five whole minutes, and you’ll be amazed by the results.”

The following are tips every man should master, courtesy of Seal It with a Kiss: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Delivering a Knockout Kiss, by Violet Blue. 

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The “We’re in Public and I Want You” Tantalizing Kiss

A light, all-mouth, no-tongue kiss meant to garner her attention. You can give it anywhere, anytime. Soft lips, mouth pushed forward, linger for less than a breath. Then pull back just as quickly. 

2) The Playful French Kiss

Open your lips a bit and slide your tongue into her mouth. Run it over her teeth and tongue, gently probing. Suck gently on her tongue or mouth. This kiss can last for 10 minutes, and the key is to periodically pull back slightly and then go in for more.

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3) The Let’s-Fuck-Now Kiss

Make full eye contact, place your hands gently on the back of her head, and pull her lips to yours while firmly pressing your body against hers. Intertwine tongues deeply while gently caressing her head and continuing the full-body pressure. Then pull her head back, stare into her eyes, smiling mischievously.