Abs and Core Exercises

Start Shredding Killer Abs

Give this ab routine a try to chisel the ultimate 6-pack by summer.


Summer’s around the corner. Ready to show off your chiseled muscles at the beach or pool? Unfortunately, a winter sitting on the couch watching football, drinking beer and eating comfort food has taken a toll on your waistline. The washboard is gone and has been replaced by a marshmallow. Time to torch fat and sculpt muscle with this killer abdominal and anaerobic cardio circuit. Getting ripped, six pack abs takes more than just countless crunches.

Firstly, the abdominals are comprised of several muscle groups: transverse abdominus (deep core stabilizers), rectus abdominus, internal and external obliques. All of these separate muscles must be targeted to fully develop a flat and toned midsection. Secondly, no matter how toned the muscles of the stomach are, six pack abs will not be viewable unless body fat is reduced. This needs to be done by combining correct dieting with a fat busting anaerobic cardio workout like the one presented below. When combined, these elements will result in washboard abs that will be the envy of everyone this summer.

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