Holding a weight overhead while walking may seem simple, but the instability it creates forces you to work hard to maintain an even posture, which seriously taxes the delts, lats, and core in the process. Resist the urge to lean back or to one side while you walk.


The Overhead Walk

  1. With a shoulder-width stance, begin by pressing a kettlebell directly overhead.
  2. Squeeze your shoulders down and back, making sure that your elbow is locked out so your forearm and wrist are completely straight.
  3. Pick a target that’s 25 feet away. Walk with your head up, keep your eyes on the target, and squeeze all your muscles. Switch arms and repeat in the opposite direction.


People with sensitive wrists might benefit from gripping the kettlebell using a neutral grip (palms facing in) to prevent wrist flexion at the move’s apex.

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