One-Arm Dumbbell Curl

When you look at the biceps of former greats like Boyer Coe, Robby Robinson, Albert Beckles, and more recently, 8-time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman you are bound to notice the incredible peaks that sit atop their massive guns. In fact, it looks as if they have biceps on top of their biceps! The question is, how can you get your “peak-on” as well? Is there a magic exercise or super supplement that can literally transform your bis into mountains? The answer is unfortunately, no! The shape of your biceps are almost completely determined by your genetics, and no matter how many concentration curls you do, if you are not meant to have peaked pipes it just ain’t gonna happen!

However, that does not mean that each and every one of us cannot improve the height of our biceps if we utilize the proper exercises to get the job done! Lying directly underneath the biceps is a muscle called the brachialis, which when fully developed can literally “push” the bis a little higher, creating the illusion of greater peak. Not to mention that a highly developed brachialis will give the upper arm an overall look of greater thickness and depth from all angles.
Although all biceps exercises stimulate the brachialis to some degree, in order to really target this muscle you must place the biceps in a mechanically weak position by using specific hand positions and angles during your curling movements. By doing so you will force the brachialis to take on more of the load when flexing the arm, thus bringing about further growth in this key arm muscle.

preacher curl

The Moves

The following are four of the best exercises to annihilate the brachialis and bring new highs to the bis.

1. Reverse Barbell or EZ Bar Curls (can also be done on a low cable and/or preacher bench).

2. Hammer Dumbbell Curls (can be done seated, inclined or standing).

3. 90-Degree Barbell or EZ Bar Preacher – a.k.a. Spider Bench Curls

4. Seated Overhead Cable Curls (can be done on lat pull down or cable crossover station)

Now that your knowledge has been “heightened” regarding the proper exercises to perform in order to effectively hit the brachialis, here a few routines that will get those biceps heightened as well.

Beginner Program

-Barbell Curl…3 x 6-10
-Seated Hammer Curl…2 x 8-12
-Reverse Curl…1 x 12-15

Intermediate Program

-Barbell Curl…3 x 6

-90 Degree Curl…2 x 8-12
-Incline Hammer Curl…2 x 8-12
-Reverse Curl…1 x 12-15

Advanced Program

-Barbell Curl…3 x 6
-90 Degree Dumbbell Curl…2 x 8-12

-Lying Overhead Cable Curl…2 x 8-12
-Concentration Hammer Curl…2 x 12-15
-Reverse Curl…1 x 12-15