>> Place a flat bench in front of a low-pulley cable station with either a short or cambered bar attached.

>> Lying faceup with your head closest to the stack, reach back over your head and grasp the bar, or have a partner hand it to you. With straight arms, bring the bar over your face.

>> Bend your elbows to slowly lower the bar toward your forehead. Stop an inch or so away and pause momentarily.

>> Keeping your upper arms locked in position, drive the bar upward in a smooth arc by contracting your triceps.


>> Once you fix your elbows at the outset, do not move them or you’ll compromise the involvement of the triceps.

>> For a slightly different recruitment of the triceps’ three heads, use a rope handle instead of a bar. Starting with a neutral grip and pronating at full extension involves the lateral head to a greater extent.

>> Balance yourself on the bench by digging your feet into the floor. If necessary, put your feet on the bench but be careful to maintain your normal lumbar curvature, and make sure your technique is perfect before increasing the weight.

>> For variety, allow the bar to travel toward the top of your head and the edge of the bench.