Former M&F cover model and WWE Superstar John Hennigan (better known as John Morrison) goes by many names, but he says “Prince of Parkour” and “Hardcore Luchador” describe him best. Morrison is also a budding movie star, training using parkour— the art of getting from point A to point B across varied terrain as fast as possible.

“Parkour requires the strength, stability, and coordination to navigate through any environment,” Hennigan says.

He joined a parkour gym in 2009 and immediately added a unique flair to his craft. “I started training different vaults [ways to overcome an obstacle], integrating martial arts and break dancing, then using the skills in professional wrestling,” Hennigan says. He mixes one to two parkour sessions into his own DVD workout program, Out of Your Mind Fitness, which employs six training days a week of push, pull, legs, repeat, then off. Always inventive, Hennigan thrives on creating “holy shit” spots for his fans. Follow his tips at right to train for such moments of your own. 

1. Start With Shoulders
Learn a handstand, then do handstand walks, and spiderman walks (spiderman pushups while moving forward). 

2. Bust a Move
Train to hit your first double kong (jumping over two obstacles in succession)—once you do you’ll be addicted to the craft. 

3. Legs Up
Plyometric leg workouts are going to be essential. Start with box jumps, speed skaters, and a standing broad jump—then add load.

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