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Mike O’Hearn’s 5-Move Legs-Blasting Workout

Train like this bodybuilding titan and follow his tips for the perfect workout.

Mike O' Hearn Doing A Leg Press
Per Bernal And Michael Neveux
Per Bernal And Michael Neveux
Exercises 5
Equipment Yes

Mike O’Hearn describes his training methods as “old-school, Bill Pearl-style,” referring to the iconic bodybuilder from the ’50s who wrote a great book on training techniques. The approach is simple, but not easy.

“I stick with the basics,” says O’Hearn. “I go heavy. Always. I may have a rep range from one to 30, but I always go as heavy as I can.”

Despite this devotion to lifting as heavy as possible (he regularly squats and deadlifts 650 lbs, for instance), O’Hearn has rarely dealt with injury. He credits this to lifting heavy from a young age.

“Heavy weights strengthen you from the inside out,” he says. “I’ve developed stronger tendons, connective tissue, and bone density.”

So train safely, but as heavy as you can.

Mike O' Hearn's Leg Workout

Exercise 1

Back Squat You'll need: Barbell, Squat Rack How to
Back Squat thumbnail
7 sets
5 reps
-- rest
O’Hearn says: “Use all forms of the squat— low bar, high bar, narrow stance, and wide stance—at various times to hit all areas of your legs.”

Exercise 2

Hack Squat
Mike O' Hearn Doing A Hack Squat thumbnail
4 sets
12 reps
-- rest
O’Hearn says: “Place your feet farther apart or closer together and lower or higher to target different parts of your quads—outside, inside, and the teardrop.”

Exercise 3

4 sets
10 reps
-- rest
O’Hearn says: “Hold the contraction at the peak of the movement for a beat. This ups the time-under-tension of the muscle, which leads to larger, more defined quads.”

Exercise 4

Leg Press How to
Leg Press thumbnail
3 sets
30 reps
-- rest
O’Hearn says: “Heavy leg presses can lead to pain in your knees. To combat this, lower the weight until your lower legs are at 90 degrees, then press back up.”

Exercise 5

Lying Leg Curl How to
Lying Hamstring Curl thumbnail
4 sets
20 reps
-- rest
O’Hearn says: “Make sure your hips don’t come off of the pad during the movement, as this takes the tension off of the hamstrings.”