For those old school bodybuilders, the name Ric Drasin is no doubt a familiar one. Along with bodybuilding icons like Arnold Shwarzenegger and Lou Ferigno, Ric has dedicated his life to advancing the sport of bodybuilding, which is why it comes as no surprise that he was recently presented with the first ever Joe Gold Lifetime Achievement award in Las Vegas.

Ric was one of the original members of Gold’s Gym in the late 60’s, and a training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also designed the famous Gold’s Gym Logo and the World Gym Gorilla, among many other accomplishements in bodybuilding and professional wrestling.

Today, Ric continues to share his bodybuilding expertise and insight with weight trainers of all ages through his website “Ric’s Corner,”  and show on AfterBuzz TV. By staying true to the Golden Era of the bodybuilding lifestyle with his daily training, and healthy eating habits World Gym felt he fit their criteria for this award. "I am forever grateful for this special honor and will treasure it forever," say Ric. I loved bodybuilding so I did it. I also loved to wrestle, so I did that as well. I strongly feel that if you love what you do, you will ultimately succeed." 

Other advice from Ric: "The past is the past. Live for today. Staying positive and just being yourself is the best path towards achieving your goals. Don’t worry about things you have no control over, it does nothing but stall your progress. Hit your workouts hard, watch your foods and focus on being a champion in your own right!"

Ric’s Corner just hit over 4.5 million views and continues to educate, enlighten and entertain bodybuilding enthusiasts all over the world. "I will continue to push Ric’s Corner and answer the bodybuilding questions of all those who want to learn and benefit from ‘old school training’. 

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