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Back with Brock: Lesnar's Pull Day Workout

The back workout that got Lesnar ready for his WWE comeback.

Back with Brock: Lesnar's Pull Day Workout (WWE)
Dustin Snipes

What kind of workout does it take to get in shape for a return to professional wrestling? We asked WWE and former MMA star Brock Lesnar for his pull-day workout.




Wide-Grip Pullup 5 10
Pullup 5 10
Narrow Grip Pullup 5 10
Weighted Pullup 1 20
Seated Cable Row 4 12
Benvoer Row 4 12
Barbell Curl 4 12
Deadlift 4 6

*Lesnar wears a weighted belt with a 45-lb plate. He gives himself three minutes to perform 20 total reps.

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