Back Exercises

Pull-Up Domination

Build your back with one of the best pulling exercises known to man.

Pull-Up Domination

Pull-ups are considered by many to be the best exercise for developing slabs of muscle on the upper back and biceps while creating that wide "V" look everyone wants. Unfortunately, performing pull-ups requires good relative strength (your ability to move your own body, or your strength level according to your own bodyweight) to be able to perform multiple full-range repetitions.

Of course, you can increase your reps by cutting the reps short, but if you want to target the most musculature, you'll need to move through a full range of motion. Here are some very effective ways to increase your pull-up volume and eliminate sticking points:

Band Assisted Pull-ups

For this technique, use an elastic band tied to the bar and wrapped under your feet or knees to perform more pull-ups. The band will assist and accelerate you upward allowing you to pull your chin up and over the bar easier – especially as fatigue sets in. Try to perform as many unassisted pull-ups as you can, then wrap the band around the bottom of your feet and rep out.


You can target different sticking points of the pull-up by performing isometric holds of 5-10 seconds at different positions along the range of motion: at the bottom, midway up and at the top (chin over the bar). Pull yourself or jump into position and hold for the targeted time. Regulate your breathing while you’re holding yourself in position to have your best opportunity for success. Shallow breaths in and out in a rhythmic fashion will really help you stay tight and locked into position.

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