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Power Up Your Pec Strength with the Plyo Push-Up

By adding one explosive bodyweight movement to your chest routine, you could be pushing more plates on your bench press.

Power Up Your Pec Strength with the Plyo Push-Up

Sometimes you need a kick in the chest, so to speak. Maybe your bench press weight hasn't gone up in what seems like forever, and the bar feels as heavy as a baby elephant in your hands. It's time for you to get explosive.

Explosive plyometric moves force your body to trigger fast-twitch muscle fibers—important because those fibers have the greatest potential for real strength gains. This move, the plyo push-up, will help train those fibers to produce a great amount of force in a very short period.

How To Perform

  • Set up two equal-height boxes or benches about 6 inches outside your shoulders.
  • Step in between the boxes and get into the push-up position with your hands on the boxes, feet on the floor and arms extended. Keep your back flat.
  • Take a deep breath and tighten your upper body.
  • Quickly remove your hands from atop the boxes and reach for the floor.
  • As your hands make contact with the floor, quickly decelerate your body's descent.
  • Wait until your torso has come to within an inch or so away from the floor, then explosively reverse direction and try to push yourself off the floor as high as you can.
  • Land softly with your hands atop the boxes, elbows bent, and repeat.
  • Do this five times, which will constitute one set. Perform a total of four sets, resting three minutes between each.

Push for More Power

Try this workout once every 10 days for increased strength and power in your chest.

Exercise		Sets	Reps	Rest		Intensity Plyo Push-Up		4	5	3 min.		- Bench Press		4	5	2-3 min.	80% 1RM Bent-Over Row	        4	5	2-3 min.	80% 1RM Weighted Pull-Up	4	5	2-3 min.	80% 1RM 

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