Chest Exercises

Supersize Your Chest With a Super-Efficient Workout

Use a new approach to build pecs like the greatest bodybuilder of all-time

Supersize Your Chest With a Super-Efficient Workout

Bench press, incline press, dip, and dumbbell fly. That’s the basic routine Arnold Schwarzenegger used to develop the chest that is considered one of the most perfectly built of all time. Chances are, you already knew this “secret,” and you’ve been following it. So, why isn’t your chest more like Arnold’s?

OK, we’ll give you a break. The Oak’s pecs were one of a kind, thanks in part to his Herculean genetics, and he had more time to train than you probably do. (We are, however, assuming you have the heart to work as hard as Arnold, whose dedication to the iron was supreme.) But all that aside, using a routine that was popularized a half-century ago while science and experience have revealed far better methods is, as Arnold would say, for “girly men.” If he were starting today, Arnold would likely take a much different approach.

Since we assume you’re a regular guy with a job and only average muscle-building genes, we think you should, too. What follows is a scientific, superefficient chest workout akin to what some bodybuilding pros are doing today. It will give you every opportunity to build a set of pecs that emulate the ones that helped carry The Oak to seven Mr. Olympia titles.

21st-Century Chest Training

There is nothing wrong with Arnold’s old chest workout per se. It attacks the pecs from all angles and lets you load heavy weights. But most guys have already used it for years and milked it dry. If you’re in that boat, it’s time for some dramatic changes. Here are some of the new routine’s specs.


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