Four Quick Tips to Increase Your Strength

Add some serious strength to your muscle with these unique approaches.

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We all want muscle! After all, that’s why we’re here, and there is no shame in that! However, you should hang your head in shame if you don’t have some sort of strength behind that muscle!

There is nothing worse than seeing someone who looks as jacked as Tarzan but plays like Jane. Think about it logically for a second…Which one do you think is likely to build greater muscle; a 150kg squat or a 200kg squat? The answer is obvious!

So, pump up your iron numbers and watch your strength skyrocket!

Now I can openly admit that I’m not one of the strongest people in the world. However, after using these 4 tips based on Pavel Tsatsouline’s theories found in his book ‘Beyond Bodybuilding’ I am definitely the strongest version of myself.

No. 1: High Tension Techniques

Tsatsouline came up with the notion of training using high tension techniques; meaning that you should aim to create as much tension as possible throughout your entire body when performing an exercise.

For example, when you grip the barbell, try and crush it in your hand and you will immediately notice energy radiate throughout your arms and shoulders. Also, try corkscrewing your feet into the ground when you perform a shoulder press; this will fire up your glutes, quads, abductors and adductors, and help you finish off with a couple of extra reps.

Here, I demonstrate 4 high tension techniques whilst performing one arm push ups:

• I grip the ground until my fingertips turn white.

• I try and corkscrew my hand into the ground as I push up.

• I squeeze my non-working hand (right), abs and glutes as I push up.

• I hiss as I push up.

Remember, the aim is to create as much muscle tension as possible, especially with your hands and feet, in order to protect yourself and increase your strength. 

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