Somewhere between overhead presses and all variations of raises for the shoulders sits the upright row. It’s a multijoint movement, unlike raises, but its considered more of a finesse move. This makes upright rows the perfect transitional move in the middle of your delt workout. The exercise is typically performed with a barbell, but here were moving to cables to provide a slightly different feel. Because the ideal grip for upright rowing is wide, steal the lat pulldown bar for this delt-fryer.

The Row Zone

Follow these instructions to put continuous tension on your delts.


1. At a cable station, adjust the pulley to its lowest setting and attach a lat pulldown bar to it.

2. Grasp the bar with a shoulder-width, overhand grip.

3. Start in a fully upright standing position with your knees slightly bent and arms extended down in front of you.


Bend your elbows to pull the bar straight up your body. When your upper arms reach parallel with the floor, slowly return to the start.


WHERE IT HITS: Front and middle delts

WHEN TO DO IT: Middle of your shoulder workout, after overhead presses, but before single-joint raises

HOW TO DO IT: 3–4 sets, 10-12 reps