M&Fers are always looking for a solid routine that will burn big-time fat, and build muscle faster. In this video, Mike Chang of SixpackShortcuts.com and Six Pack Shortcuts on YouTube demonstrates a high-intensity burpee workout that scorches calories and fat, so you can get the lean, ripped, muscular body you’ve always wanted.

Make sure you watch the video before you do the workout (below) to learn the proper technique for each of the moves. 


You’ll be doing 6 rounds with no rest, so get ready to sweat. 

Burpee Jumps: 5 reps
Side Raises: 5 reps on each side

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As you can see in Mike’s photos, he wasn’t blessed with great genetics. And in fact he suffered for years with having stubborn belly fat. It wasn’t until he discovered this “weird” style of ab training known as Afterburn Training. With this, Mike was able to get rid of his belly fat and finally get those coveted six-pack abs.

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