CrossFitters didn’t invent the farmer’s carry—farmers probably did. But CrossFitters have certainly embraced the concept of grabbing heavy weight in both hands—be it dumbbells, a trap bar, plates, or kettle bells—and walking with it for distance or time. And you should, too. It’s
 a means for enhancing conditioning, core and grip strength, and overall real-world functionality.

“Farmer’s carries are one of the simplest moves for getting stronger. You don’t need 
much experience or special equipment to go heavy with good form,” says Jeff Jucha, owner and head coach at West Little Rock CrossFit in Arkansas. “If you’re skipping them, you’re missing a great way to build upper-body strength, jack up your heart rate, and improve your gripping power, all in a short amount of time.”

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Follow Jucha’s tips below and then give his finisher a try:

  • Go heavy. “You should pick something that won’t allow you to go farther than 50 to 100 meters,” Jucha says.
  • Lift and walk safely. Don’t injure yourself picking up the weights; lift with a flat back to stand up. Then take short, choppy steps, and don’t lock out your knees.
  • Chest out, shoulders back. As you walk, stay big in the chest. “Pinch your shoulder blades back as if you were holding a pen between them and tuck them down into your back pockets,” advises Jucha.


100-Meter Heavy Farmer’s Finisher

Directions: Do every three minutes for 12 minutes (four rounds total).


“Pick weights that may require you to set them down during the round,” Jucha says. “But don’t rest too long mid-round. The sooner you finish, the more rest you’ll get before the next 100 meters.”