“Kelly” is

5 rounds of:

Run- 400 Meters

Box Jump – 30 Jumps

Wall Ball – 30 Throws


There are a lot of CrossFit WODs named after actual people. “Kelly” is one such workout, and unlike its namesake, most people find it unbearable. Kelly Moore works for CrossFit headquarters and oversees seminar customer service. The CrossFit bug bit her in June 2003 when she was searching the Web for a way to improve her pull-ups and came across crossfit.com. She worked several years as a volunteer administrator on the message boards before CrossFit offered her a full-time position working for the Specialty Course team in 2008.

“It was the best move I ever made, and I’m very happy working for CrossFit,” says Moore, who quit the police department after 19 1/2 years on the force to take the job.

In 2003, Greg Glassman published a workout named “Diane” (21–15–9 of 225-pound deadlifts and handstand push-ups), and Moore smashed the WOD, using the RX’d weight, with an elite time of 4:30. Even more amazing than her score was the body weight at which Moore performed the feat—114 pounds. The following day the message board lit up with praise for Moore’s performance, but being humble, she deflected the praise saying that “WOD played into my strengths…I explained that if there was a workout created with running, wall balls, and box jumps, I would do very poorly.” The following day Glassman posted “Kelly”—five rounds consisting of a 400-meter run, 30 box jumps, and 30 wall balls with a 20-pound ball, and no surprise to Moore, her score was in the bottom third. “I never should’ve said anything!” she says.

A Punishing Workout

The combination and volume of exercises make this WOD punishing. Charge through the 400-meter runs and you’ll suck wind when you get to the box jumps. Box jumps will fry your lungs and your legs and you’ll be smashed for the wall balls. Hammer out 30 wall balls unbroken and it’s just in time for another round.

If this is your first exposure to CrossFit, scaling is recommended. Gradually increase the intensity and volume each time you decide to give “Kelly” a shot. CrossFit is full of interesting workouts. Some will play to your strengths and some may expose your weaknesses. The important thing is to attack each workout with a positive attitude and a willingness to grow as an athlete.