A busy gym or people taking too long on the piece of equipment you want can make your training routine tiresome and stretched. Sometimes you just want to get in a quick workout and get on with your day. 

Circuit training offers a great solution for those with a limited amount of time. This upper body trifecta will hit your chest, back and shoulders hard for a solid workout, and get you out of the gym in just a few minutes. It’s essentially 3 exercises done without any rest between each move. When it’s all over, you’ll be pumped and primed to show off your ripped physique. 

Be sure to use a weight that will challenge you, but also allow you to maintain good form throughout each set. You will be using the same weighted barbell for all 3 exercises. Rest only after one full set is complete. 

The Upper Body Trifecta

1. Flat Bench Press – 20 reps

2. Wide-Grip Barbell Rows – 20 reps 

3. Military Press – 20 reps

– Rest for a minute after each circuit and continue until you have completed 4 circuits. 


Mehmet Edip is an internationally published fitness model, writer, actor and competitive athlete. Catch his latest motivational training video, like his Facebook fanpage, and follow him on Twitter: The_MehmetEdip.