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4 Potent Power Moves

Build big-time power for greater gains in strength and size with these heavy-duty movements.

4 Potent Power Moves


Best Way to Do It: Perform these as you would normal barbell curls, with the difference being the chains added to the bar. As with close-grip bench press with chains, sets the chains on the bar so that the 5/8” chains are completely on the floor in the bottom position and half off in the top position. When curling the weight up, keep your elbows in tight to your sides; however, feel free to cheat the weight up just slightly by putting your lower back into the movement.

Best Weight: Use a weight on the bar that’s equal to 40%-70% of your estimated 1RM on barbell curls; the rest of the weight will come from the chains. You’ll have about 30 pounds of additional chain weight in the top position.

Best Set/Rep Range: 3 sets, 3-8 reps

Best Time to Do It: As the first exercise in your biceps workout
Why It’s the Best: Just as with any exercise where chains are implemented (namely, close-grip bench press on the previous page), the LVR provided won’t force you to slow the weight down at the top of the range of motion, which will help maximize muscular power.

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