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Fix Your Hips for Deeper Squats

Create more mobility in your hips with this 4-exercise circuit.

Fix Your Hips for Deeper Squats

If you want to squat deeper, you not only have to strengthen your core, you need to work on your hips. Specifically, you need to ‘loosen’ up your hips and create more mobility so you can squat through a fuller range of motion.

As there are proven squat progressions there are also proven movements that will help you move better and typically alleviate any back pain you’re having.  And the cool thing is that when you ‘fix’ your hips, a lot of other great things happen.

Creating more mobility in your hips – along with more core stability – will allow you to get AND stay in better positions for all other full body strength exercises.  You will deadlift better, lunge better, jump better, run better, and power clean better.

Fix Your Hips Circuit

This Fix Your Hips circuit includes the following exercises:

1) Bodyweight Squats

2) Cossack Squats

3) Deep Lunge (with Hip Flexor Stretch)

4) External Rotation on Bench

You want to move smoothly and transition between exercises with purpose. Spend some time at each position until you feel comfortable.

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