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The Lift Doctor: Overtraining and Staying Motivated

The Doc's workout prescription for a physically and mentally healthy training regimen.

The Lift Doctor: Overtraining and Staying Motivated

“Has the fear of overtraining been blown out of proportion?” – Ash Mercer

No, overtraining is real. If you are consistently training hard and pushing yourself in the gym, and not taking the steps needed for muscle recovery between workouts, then your ability to train with any level of great intensity will suffer. 

But overtraining, where you’re chronically overstressing the body is actually pretty rare. Common symptoms of overtraining can include; increased resting heart rate, increased sensitivity to bright light, and the weights feeling ‘cold’ in your hands.

Yes, if you hit tons of volume, lift heavy weights and have long workouts several days in a row, each subsequent training session will turn to crap and you’ll be cranky as hell. But overtraining isn’t something that happens after a few days. This is because most times people rarely train as hard as they think they do and unplanned deloads where you miss a workout or go away for the weekend, often happen.

Get lots of rest, eat good whole foods, drink lots of water, and periodize the intensity of each workout so that you can naturally recover and gain the supercompensation effects of hard training. 

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