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The Lift Doctor: Using Wrist Straps & Limiting Stretch Marks

The Doc's workout prescription for a physically and mentally healthy training regimen.


“When should I wear wrist wraps?  I’m curling 120 lbs. on the straight bar and 70 lb.+ dumbbells and my wrists get slightly sore.” – Christopher Cox

If your wrists get sore you can use the wraps through your arm training. Put them on loose with the lighter sets and tighten them up as you get heavier. 

I would also offer a different approach altogether. If an exercise is causing you pain in a certain joint or area of your body, it might not be the best exercise for you. I get a ton of athletes who experience wrist, elbow and joint problems with common exercises like chin-ups, pull-ups, skull crushers, straight bar curls, or even straight bar tricep extensions. 

Adjusting the exercise by simply changing the angle or position of the hand can make all the difference for these athletes. Substituting dumbbell curls for straight bar curls, or rope tricep extensions instead of skull crushers can be the difference between painful and aching joints, or making progress and getting stronger. 

Don’t be tied to any one exercise or any ONE way to perform an exercise. There is always a progression or regression that you can find that will work better for you. 

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