This week, M&F is kicking some serious wisdom. With Olympia Weekend right around the corner (Sept. 27-28), we have enlisted an all-star panel of experts and industry leaders to answer your most burning questions on physique-building – both digitally and in the flesh.

This weekend at the M&F booth in Vegas, you can put your queries to some of the biggest names in the industry, up close and personal. For now, you can bask in the wisdom and experience of our experts online. Already this week, we’ve covered eating and supplementation for mass-building with David Sandler and getting cover model lean with Mehmet Edip. Our final pre-Olympia online seminar covers a topic near and dear to our hearts: Hollywood muscle. Los Angeles based M&F advisory board member Eric the Trainer will address your Facebook questions on having a showtime physique. You can catch more of Eric this weekend at the M&F booth as he plays moderator to our live seminar series at the Olympia Expo.

Q: How can I build muscle and lose fat…at the same time?  

A: Actually, that’s easy. Keep it simple by properly aligning the three factors of physique change: exercise, diet, and sleep. The style and frequency of exercise will help determine how your body will be sculpted – eat more for size versus less for sleekness – but most importantly, prioritize sleep! Only during sleep does the body experience physical transformation. Manipulating these three factors takes some experimenting but it really is that simple.

Q: How do you balance upper and lower body training when trying to get a Hollywood physique?

A: For Tinseltown success, it’s all about the shoulder to waist ratio — small waist, broad shoulders. The muscular flow of the body must continue from upper to lower body. In other words, don’t skip leg day!

Q: I’ve been training for about 12 years now but still I am confused about the seven-day routine. What does the ideal split look like for fastest gains while keeping lean?  

A: Splits vary greatly and depend on an individual’s experience and availability but I encourage two days off per week, preferably Thursday and Sunday. A good split I’d recommend is:

Day     Bodypart(s) Trained

1          Chest + Back

2          Biceps + Triceps

3          Quads + Hams

4          REST

5          Shoulders + Back

6          Forearms + Calves + Abs

7          REST

Q: What does your average day look like with training and eating?  

A: I change things up as needed but generally, I eat every 2.5 hours and I like working out mid-afternoon after having two meals and two snacks so I have plenty of fuel in the tank.

Q: With regards to protein, do you think that 1 gram per pound of bodyweight per day is enough to build mass? Too much? Too little?  

A: Nobody is perfect in their attempts to change their bodies so giving general guidelines is crucial. I encourage actors trying to gain mass to consume 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. It seems extreme but their enthusiasm for transforming their bodies in a short time period carries them through.

Q: They say that squat depth is important but that you shouldn’t let your knees go past your toes. How important is that? Does it depend on the type of squat and foot placement?  

A: That’s an excellent general rule. Safety is paramount and in the gym I act like a lifeguard preventing people from injuring themselves. The moment an actor gets hurt in the gym training for a role, all is lost. I’ll never be hired by that producer again. Part of being good looking is living injury-free.

Q: What is the best breakfast for building a Hollywood body?  

A: Start with half a grapefruit and a mug of hot green tea. Both have fat-burning properties that will help your waist stay small. Then dive into an omelette filled with a plethora of fresh veggies. It’s the ultimate protein punch to knock out morning hunger. Finish off with a small dish of fresh berries for some craving-crushing fiber and some long-lasting energy.

Q: Who are some of the actors and athletes you’ve worked with? What traits did the best-built clients have in common? Genetics? Dedication?  

A: I’m lucky enough to have worked with top actors, MMA fighters and musical performers in my career. Their common trait is their amazing work ethic and drive for excellence. From the spinning back kicks of Cung Le, to the hard hitting rhymes of Nelly, from the beautiful harmonies of Big Time Rush, to the genetically gifted actor Patrick Schwarzenegger, my clients are on a mission to show the world that they’re the best. I help them rise to that occasion.

Q: Not everyone can afford a trainer like you and not everyone can spend that much time in the gym. What’s your best strategy for maximizing results without crazy time and money?  

A: Read magazines and look online for the best information that will empower you to meet your specific goals. Every person has a slightly different best-case scenario. I was in Denver last week training with the Nuggets and watching their strength and conditioning coach, Steve Hess, in action was amazing! If I was a young basketball player preparing for the season, Hess would be my first choice. But if you’re looking to increase your good looks and good health with camera close-ups in mind, I’m your guy. And you don’t have to break the bank, either. You can find more details at

Eric the Trainer (Eric P. Fleishman) is a Hollywood physique expert with over 20 years experience in physical transformation. He has worked with top actors, MMA fighters, and musical performers. He is a member of the M&F advisory board and his techniques are also featured on He is an ambassador for “Celebrity Sweat” and hosts many of their episodes. Recently, Eric was named to the Gold’s Gym fitness institute, where he serves as an expert and global spokesperson for the organization.  

Going to the Olympia Expo this weekend? Don’t forget to stop by the M&F booth for live seminars featuring, among others, reigning Ms. Figure Olympia Erin Stern, bikini pro Katie Chung Hua and Stan Efferding, the world’s strongest bodybuilder. For a full schedule and to see what other industry standouts will be attending, click here.