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Ric Drasin: Training Delts for Size in the 70s

The bodybuilding legend shares some advice for shoring up your shoulders.

Ric Drasin: Training Delts for Size in the 70s

Back in the day it was a rule that the delts should be much wider than the waist in order to form that V taper. This was the goal of every bodybuilder back then. This is what all of us strived for and it took a lot of work because genetics wasn’t so kind to everyone.

Structure played and important part as some people are just born with naturally wide shoulders and small waist. I don’t have a wide waist, but I have large abs and they have a tendency to grow big, which makes my waist look larger.

Arnold also had the structure of sloping shoulders which made him look round shouldered and he had to work hard to bring up the lateral delts in order to widen them out.

Keeping the waist slim and tight to offset shoulder development is also tricky because you can work your abs so hard, (like I did mine) that they get thick and overshadow the width of the shoulders. One exercise I tell everyone NOT to do is side bends with weights. This also widens the oblique muscles around the waist and even though you think you’re reducing it, it’s actually getting bigger. So then you work it harder and it becomes a vicious cycle.


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