The benefits of keeping a nice, big tractor tire in your garage are twofold:

1) It’s a great conditioning tool. The two most popular exercises (the tire flip and sledgehammer smash) are both total body movements with a high metabolic demand.

2) It’s cost-effective. Just go down to your local dump and get one on the cheap (or for free). Still, as useful as a tire can be, it would be nice to add some versatility to the repertoire. Here are three unique tractor-tire exercises you can start doing right now.

Flip Jump

Takes the classic move and doubles down: Flip the tire once, jump into the center, jump out on the opposite side, turn around, and repeat. An added bonus is you can do this with limited space.


Stand in the center of the tire with your arms at your sides and your hands rotated so that your fingers point away from your body. Bend down until you can grab the inner ring of the tire with your fingers, and stand upright. Perform a shrug at the top, lower the tire to the ground, and repeat.

Croquet Smash

Hold a sledgehammer and stand with the tire to your right side. Lift the sledgehammer out to your left and swing it hard into the side of the tire. Repeat for the same number of reps on each side.