Workout Tips

Training Tips: The Ideal Weight Training Split

Learn how to split your workout to get the most out of your routine.


Split Tips


  • Make sure you do incline curls to work the peak, preacher curls for the inner biceps head and hammer curls to target the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles.


  • After your warm-up, start with squats when you’re fresh. Want better teardrops? Do leg presses.


  • Hit your pecs with presses from various angles while also incorporating flye-type moves. Since your front delts get a lot of work during chest training, concentrate on your middle and rear delts when you transition to shoulders.


  • Use straps right from the start. Don’t worry about grip strength, as research has shown that even at submaximal weight, you can achieve more reps using straps than without. And never train abs before back; keep your core strong for bent-over moves.

Sample Split

DayBodypart(s)1Biceps, triceps, forearms2Legs, calves, abs3Rest4Chest, shoulders, traps5Back, abs


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