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Rope Into Greater Conditioning

Master the Battling Ropes to build explosive power, maximize conditioning and accelerate your metabolism.

Get Creative with Your Cardio to Burn Fat

You have no doubt seen the clips all over the internet of elite athletes thundering away on conditioning drills with heavy ropes – slamming them in a fury and drowning in a pool of sweat, only to walk away looking stronger and leaner as a result. Battling Ropes were developed by John Brookfield and have since spawned a legion of imitators who have tried to capitalize on the amazing versatility and efficacy of these increasingly ubiquitous body-carving tools.

“I knew athletes had the potential to sustain high levels of power, strength and speed over longer durations of time,” says Brookfield. “I started to mimic the flow of water by creating a series of waves with long heavy ropes. I started out simply playing around with the ropes and quickly found out there was much more to this than meets the eye.”

Brookfield experimented with the ropes in secret for over a year before sharing the idea with anyone else. Ironic, considering how present they are in the repertoires of elite performance trainers and physique athletes.

battle ropes

Battle Born

So are the Battling Ropes just a gimmick? The short answer is no. But what results do they actually produce?

“The Battling Ropes will teach the user to sustain higher levels of intensity over greater durations of time,” Brookfield says.

There are plenty of ways to make the ropes work for you but there are a few that newbies should get initiated with.

“The alternating waves are probably the most versatile of all the basic movements because they teach the user to develop equal strength, power endurance, dexterity and muscle control on each side of the body. This ability is a huge advantage because it transfers into any sport or tactical situation plus it also promotes a tremendous amount of injury prevention by the balance it creates.”