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The Superman Program: Training

Add size, gain strength and burn tons of body fat in the next five weeks - all while saving time in the gym - with this new take on a classic training method.

The Superman Program: Training
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Super Specifics

This program is novel for many reasons, and your muscles will respond well to it. That said, you’ll have to let go of some of the training dogma you’ve come to live by. For example, in Workout 1, you’ll notice that you first do a chest/back superset and then a superset of back and shoulders. Afterward, you hit chest again. Most guys would worry that the break from chest would cause it to deflate—but if anything, you’ll notice just as much pump in your pecs as you would otherwise.Another issue some will have is the number of sets per muscle group. Chest, back, and shoulders get only eight total sets per workout, and biceps and triceps get seven. This may seem insufcient, but remember, you’re training each body part twice a week for a total of 14–16 sets. Plus, you’re doing a total of 40-plus sets per workout. Any more and you’d probably be in the gym a lot longer than you have the time (or recovery) for.

For practical purposes, exercise pairings were chosen based on proximity of equipment. For example, supersetting incline barbell presses and lat pulldowns would be illogical, because at your gym these two pieces of equipment might be far apart, forcing you to rest too long between sets. Not to mention, keeping both the incline and pulldown stations free and clear in a crowded gym can be next to impossible. All paired exercises in this program can be done at the same location.After Week 5, it’s time to go back to straight-set training for at least four to six weeks. But we’ll bet that the gains you make now will have you returning to supersets before long—so feel free to add four more weeks to the program, as shown in “Rep Counting.”

Superman Training Split

DayBody Parts TrainedMon/ThuChest/Back/Shoulders, Traps, Calves/TibialisTue/FriLegs/Abs, Biceps/ Triceps, ForearmsWed/Sat/SunRest

Rep Counting

This program build muscle two ways: by increasing weight while reps decrease, and then the opposite.

WeekReps Per Set112-1528-1034-648-10512-156*8-107*4-68*8-109*12-15


*For those who want to continue for an additional four weeks


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