Hard to believe a guy in his late 40s could look this fit, but we’re talking about Terry Crews—a man who credits his career success to his work ethic in the gym. In this behind-the-scenes video we get a closer look at Crews going to work with the weights to get his body primed and pumped for this month’s M&F cover shoot.

The former NFL athlete and current Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, known for his comedic wit and pec-thumping prowess, is clearly comfortable behind the weights, and the camera. In this entertaining BTS footage, we not only get to see Crews moving some serious iron to get completely jacked, but we also catch the actor’s lighter side as he showcases a variety of dance moves that keep the M&F crew smiling.

Be sure to watch the entire video to see how it all went down. And be sure to check out the June issue where you’ll find Crews’ complete full-body workout and nutrition program to help you build a jacked physique of your own.