The Big Show is starting to regret sharing pictures of his six-pack.

On Conan last night, the WWE superstar talked about his stunning weight loss, going from 463 pounds (and a high of 537!) to 373. Show admits that his first post where he showed off his abs on social media was completely on a whim: “Of course, I put it out there and now the pressure’s on: I really gotta get in shape now!”

When Conan O’Brien asks Show about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s rise to superstardom, Show mentions how Rock always preferred the theatrics of karaoke to getting beers after a show, and as a result “he’s making movies and worth millions of dollars, and I’m still wearing spandex for a living.” 

On a serious note, Show does confess that both Rock and Dave Bautista have paved the way for WWE superstars in Hollywood: “I remember 22 years ago, if I came into Hollywood and told them I was a wrestler, they wouldn’t talk to me. But now, because of the quality work that Rock’s done and Dave’s done, it’s opened up opportunities for me to sit down and have a serious meeting with studio heads.”

You can watch two clips of Show’s interview on Conan below:

Big Show is currently slated to be part of the Andre the Giant Battle Royale during WrestleMania 33 this April in Orlando.