The Descenso del Cóndor is not for the faint-of heart or weak of nerve. This trail begins in the El Alto section of La Paz, Bolivia, at a height of 4,085 meters above sea level and ends 1.6km later at 3,600 meters above sea level, according to the Montreal Gazette.

According to Red Bull, who sponsors the event, there are "1,000 stair steps, nine drops and numerous manmade jumps" over the course.

This video, shot at this year's Descenso del Cóndor at the end of last month, shows what each contestant had to navigate over the trail. Slovakian Fillip Polc went on to win the competition with a time of 2:32.89, but we say "More Power" to all the competitors as it takes some pair of you-know-whats to even take on the challenge of this course.