It’s like poison to your ears: Get your workout done in just 30 minutes or less.

It sounds like an infomercial gimmick that has no place in your life or in this magazine, but nothing could be further from the truth. A properly designed half-hour training session can pack just as much of a punch as a standard 60-minute workout—if not more.

That’s good news, because no matter how dedicated you are to your training, December has a way of leeching time out of your life and funneling it into all kinds of crap you’d rather not be bothered with. No matter what type of program you’re following, we’ve got you covered with one of these 10 workouts that, yes, take 30 minutes or less to complete.

The trainers who designed them are some of the most highly regarded and highly soughtafter names in the industry. They also walk the walk themselves. Full-time jobs and heavy client loads often leave them just 30 minutes to train—and they still get the job done. Now is your chance to find out.

Greg Plitt
If this month’s cover model looks familiar, there’s a good reason. Greg Plitt has appeared on more than 100 magazine covers and boasts an impressive résumé. A few of the highlights:
– West Point graduate and Army Ranger
– As an Army captain, served a tour of duty in Afghanistan
– Was used as the model for CGI character
– Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen
– Named one of the 25 fittest guys by Men’s Fitness



If you follow a body part split, we’ve provided four separate routines for your legs, chest and back, bi’s and tri’s, and shoulders and traps. The volume is high, rest is short, and you won’t stop moving from station to station. Best of all, you’re going to get the kind of pump you’ve come to expect from a one-hour session.

If you don’t fit neatly into the body part split category, there are six total-body programs to choose from to keep all your muscles working hard and your conditioning levels high. You can rotate them and attack three or four per week, or you can simply use one as a stopgap when there’s no time for your regular program. There’s challenge, variety, and plenty of time saved. There’s only one thing you won’t find here: Excuses.



You heard it guys, no excuses! To get an in-depth look at the 10 workouts that maximize results in half an hour or less, check out the December 2011 issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine, on newsstands now!