Jessica Arevalo isn’t your typical influencer. A former IFBB bikini pro who’s taken the Olympia stage twice, Arevalo is making a comeback after a three-year hiatus from competing.

Her initial mental and physical transformation is nothing short of inspiring. She overcame a tough background and used bodybuilding to stay on track. Now, she inspires over 2.5 million Instagram followers to work toward their goals.

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#TransformationTuesday – For those of you who don't know me too well. Let me introduce myself…this transformation is 15 years in the making. From the age of 17 years old to now 32 years old. – – I come from a very hard background from surviving any kind of abuse you can think of to severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks and alcoholism. Being 93 pounds and being able to throw down a 5th of whiskey and be functioning was pretty bad… – – I hit rock bottom 6 years ago and willingly tried to submit myself into a hospital. Mentally I couldn't fight my inner demons anymore. The doctor told me we are going to put you on anxiety medicine. Being in a substance abused home I am deathly afraid of any drugs. I chose to start reading and praying every morning to FIGHT my way out of the darkness I was in. After 1 year of consistently doing this I fought my way out of the depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I faced my fears every single day.? – – I was then introduced to the sport of bodybuilding. Now people ask me how I was able to compete (33 shows) and go through the preps mentally. The truth is the mental battle that I fought my way out of bodybuilding was a walk in the park. Bodybuilding gave me structure that I never had. It taught me what self discipline, dedication and sacrifice was. – – Now I am truly living my dreams and helping people through my story and own experiences. Anyone out there who is experiencing these things. KNOW you will come out OK. Put your faith in God and start living a healthier lifestyle. Not to just look good physically but most importantly mentally. – My transformation on left I was 93 pounds 17 years old, alcoholic, depressed, anxiety and panic attacks where I numbed it with alcohol. Picture on the right I am a healthy 118 pounds and the most healthy I have ever been in my life at 32 years old. – I still fight everyday to become my best self and stay on track. Life is not easy but remember God will never put you through something there is not a purpose for or something that he won't help get us through with his strength.? I'm looking forward to sharing more of my story with you all and helping you all through my own journey.❤ –

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With 34 bikini shows under her belt, Arevalo knows a thing or two about sculpting a fierce physique. Check out some of her most gorgeous shots on Instagram.